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Flower Care Tips

A vase of fresh flowers in our home can easily add some cheer. But most fresh cut flowers don’t last very long, and it can be unpleasant when your flowers start drooping after a few days. Different types of flowers require different care, but here are six general tips from us to help extend the life of your cut flowers.1. Add water and check the level daily.Adding water to the vase is the best way to help flower arrangement to last longer and stay fresh. Since some types of cut flowers need more water than others, make sure to check the water level daily, adding more as necessary.2. Filtered water can be better.Feeding tap water to most cut flowers is...


Meaning of Roses Numbers

Author: Pew, 4 Jan 2019 When you wanted to say it with flowers, roses always could say it more... 1 Rose: Love at first sight. Surprise a new love on Valentine's Day. 2 Roses: All about mutual love. Signifies requited feelings. 3 Roses: Three words 'I love you' are simple yet great way to remind someone. 5 Roses: Deep love and admiration for someone special. 6 Roses: I want to be yours. 7 Roses: Seven is the number of truth and wisdom. There is no doubting on your feelings. 9 Roses: I want to be with you forever. 10 Roses: You are my perfect ten! 12 Roses: Infinite and limitless love. Twelve is the magic number. 13 Roses: Classic idea of an eternal...


What are ROSES convey

Author: Pew, 15 Mar 2019 Ever wondered about rose meanings before you gift it to your beloved? Roses have inspired lovers over the ages to develop a language of roses by bringing meanings to color, variety and number of roses being gifted. Red: I love you so muchNothing says “I love you” like red roses. Red symbolizes beauty, love, courage, respect and even congratulations. White: I am the one for youWhile many send red roses follow tradition, white roses that symbolize true love, innocence, purity, reverence, humility and youthfulness. Pink: Thank youPerfect for a person that you like to honor on special day, pink roses show appreciation, perfect happiness, admiration, grace and gentleness. Yellow: We’re good friendsAnother way to honor friendship,...