Meaning of Roses Numbers

Meaning of Roses Numbers

Author: Pew, 4 Jan 2019

When you wanted to say it with flowers, roses always could say it more...

1 Rose: Love at first sight. Surprise a new love on Valentine's Day.

2 Roses: All about mutual love. Signifies requited feelings.

3 Roses: Three words 'I love you' are simple yet great way to remind someone.

5 Roses: Deep love and admiration for someone special.

6 Roses: I want to be yours.

7 Roses: Seven is the number of truth and wisdom. There is no doubting on your feelings.

9 Roses: I want to be with you forever.

10 Roses: You are my perfect ten!

12 Roses: Infinite and limitless love. Twelve is the magic number.

13 Roses: Classic idea of an eternal friendship.

15 Roses: The best way to apologies.

20 Roses: Show someone that you are being sincere with them.

25 Roses: Saying congratulations for something special like a promotion or engagement.

36 Roses: I will remember the romantic moments we have spent together.

40 Roses: My love for you is genuine.

50 Roses: Usually mean an unconditional or highly meaningful love.

99 Roses: I will love your beau until the day you die.

100 Roses: My devoted love will last for 100 years.