Flower Care Tips

Flower Care Tips

A vase of fresh flowers in our home can easily add some cheer. But most fresh cut flowers don’t last very long, and it can be unpleasant when your flowers start drooping after a few days. Different types of flowers require different care, but here are six general tips from us to help extend the life of your cut flowers.

1. Add water and check the level daily.
Adding water to the vase is the best way to help flower arrangement to last longer and stay fresh. Since some types of cut flowers need more water than others, make sure to check the water level daily, adding more as necessary.

2. Filtered water can be better.
Feeding tap water to most cut flowers is sufficient but filtered water can be better. Don't feel like you need to feed them Acqua Panna.

3. Recut the bottom of the stems.
In order to make your flowers drink up the most water possible, you’ll need to cut the bottom of the stems. Keep trimming them daily, when you change the water in the vase. Once a flower is out of water for just a minute the stems dries up, so it needs to be recut to take in the water. To get the best cut, use sharp scissors and cut the end-most inch off the stems at an angle rather than straight across.

4. Make your own concoction.
You can easily make your own fertilizer by mixing water with sugar, lemon or lime juice, and liquid bleach. These three ingredients will  keep their stems open, nourish your flowers and kill bacteria that could prematurely age them.

5. Sterilize the vase.
When it comes to plants, cleanliness matters. A clean vase filled with fresh water is the best way to keep your flowers fresh. Before putting flowers in a vase, you can clean the vase with bleach and water. Regular soap and water should work, but use bleach if you want to be more careful.

6. Choose where to put it wisely
If flowers get too warm, they’ll droop a lot faster. The best method is to keep your flower arrangement in a cool environment, away from direct sunlight, heater vents, and entry doors.